VAT Return Issue


Our last VAT Return is not listed as submitted under the Reports list. I’m currently getting our latest return ready and the amount seems to be too high. When I click ‘create a new VAT return’ it defaults to the last periods date.

Our last submission was a bit late but the payment is showing in our current account and has been tagged as a VAT payment.

I downloaded the current VAT return as a csv file and it is including figures from last October, December and January.

I’m guessing that the system isn’t recognizing the last submission and is including it on our latest one.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Andrew,

Was your last VAT return submitted through QuickFile, or was it directly to HMRC?


I submitted it directly. Previously, our accountant did the return so they may have submitted it through quickfile. We had to stop using them as they didn’t do the last return.

If it was submitted directly we wouldn’t have a record of it so the system will assume the last period.

What you would need to do is run the missing return and just save it (uncheck the box to submit it to HMRC), matching the figures from the one submitted directly. Once that’s in place the next return will be available to run and submit as required.

I hope that makes sense?

Thank you. I’ll give it a go.

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The online filing box is unchecked. Are there other settings to change?

As long as you’re happy with everything, you can just save it. It would only submit it to HMRC if the box is checked, otherwise it will just save it to your account

Thanks very much. Its all sorted now.

Except for paying the VAT…

We can’t help with that one sorry! :wink:

But glad you’re all sorted!