VAT Return issues

Hi trying to create a report and it will not allow me to do this it keeps taking me a submission form and I want to download and view etc

Hi @Asmaa,

I’m not sure I quite follow, please could you explain what sort of report etc?

I wonder whether this is the issue I was about to open? Before registering for MTD you can generate the VAT100 report as often as you want, and I do this regularly to confirm that the funds set aside are adequate to meet the forthcoming payment. Once registered for MTD creating a return queries the HMRC back-end and it appears that if you continue you’ll make the submission (although I think it may show the VAT100 report first). Could a separate preview mode be provided please so it can be viewed without fear that an accidental click would submit it?

Hi @JohnJ

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?

I’m on accrual accounting.

In that case, if you go to Reports >> Tax Summary, you can see a VAT summary there. This only works for accrual accounting so it should match up with your VAT return.

Thanks. It doesn’t show the sales and purchase totals which is a useful check but the total payable is the most important thing. I guess I’ll find out in about a month how the rest of the workflow through to submission goes.

QuickFile queries HMRC to find out which periods they think need filing, but from that point on it’s the same process as before - QuickFile does the calculations and prepares the VAT100 form, you double check it and then you have to press the submit button on the filled out form before it will actually send the completed return to HMRC. You can do this as many times as you wish for a given period up to (but not including) the point of pressing the final submit button, and you can download the calculations CSV from the draft form just as before.

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