VAT return missing invoice


Just preparing my VAT return but it misses one of my invoices generated on the 27/12. The resulting figures are then not correct.

Does anyone know why?

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Are you on cash accounting? If you are then the return is based on the date of payment not the invoice date - an invoice dated 27/12/2019 but only paid in January 2020 would fall into the Jan-Mar 2020 return instead of the Oct-Dec 2019 one.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t think I’m set up that way. And it’s included the previous invoice also paid in Jan. Any more ideas?

The previous invoice was dated 20/12.

Hi @vhaselgrove

What VAT period are you submitting for? If you’re unsure if you’re on cash or acrual accounting for VAT, you can check in your VAT settings.

If you’re on cash accounting, the date of the invoice doesn’t matter - it’s the date you receive the payment that’s important.

Thanks for that. Strange that one invoice for 20th Dec, paid in Jan is included but the one for 27th Dec is not.

What were the invoices paid (the date of the payment on QuickFile)? What VAT period are you trying to submit for?

Date of payment for the last two invoices was 13th Jan. Only the second to last invoice has been included not the last. I am set up for cash accounting. My September VAT return only had one invoice and it was paid in Dec (from July) but Quickfile generated a return for end September including it. If I change to Accural accounting it tries to include that invoice as well.

Yes - accrual accounting works on invoice dates rather than payment dates. You should stick to one scheme or the other ideally. You can change, but you will need to make adjustments.

So both invoices (the one that was included and the one that wasn’t), were both paid on 13th January?

And your return period is October - December 2019 - is that right?

Hi, yes that is correct

So if your on cash accounting. And the payments were in January. And your vat return period end is December. Then that will be why its missing. It will show in the March end vat return. As for why one of them was included I couldn’t say.

Ok thanks, I guess as long as it gets paid

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