VAT return missing sales in Box 6

There are sales missing in Box 6 of VAT return. Two customers exist -

Customer one is in Luxembourg which has a LU Vat number and the sales are listed in Box 6.

Customer two is in the UK company and the sales are not included in Box 6. It has no VAT number in their VAT field but unless otherwise advised this seems to be irrelevant. Each missing invoice has line items with 20% and 0% vat rates.

The calculations have been downloaded and the UK invoices are not included.

In the client details ‘No special VAT treatment’ is selected and this seems to negate the reference and option of ‘Outside the scope of VAT’ although that option was subsequently selected and tried but made no difference.

Are you on cash accounting and if so were the payments actually received during the quarter you’re trying to file?

It was set to Cash Accounting.

Have changed to Accrual Accounting and this solved.

Thanks for the pointer and fast support :slight_smile: