VAT return not showing all purchases

I’m doing a VAT return using MTD for the first time. I have input all the purchase invoices, generated the VAT return and downloaded the Excel file to check it. The problem is that not all the invoices are showing up on the return. All the invoices are within the VAT period and were all input using the same method.

Do you have any idea what is wrong?

Is your vat on cash or accrual basis? What vat scheme are you on?

Cash accounting basis. I don’t know what you mean by what vat scheme

If its cash basis then your vat return wont have items not paid yet but on QF entered as invoices

There’s two invoices from the same company, with the same date and input separately in exactly the same way. One is showing up on the return and the other isn’t.

All the invoices are marked down as paid.

check your start date on vat setting in case

It’s not missing off any from the start / end of period. Its missing random invoices in the middle of the period.

Any other ideas as to what the problem may be?

Are payment dates same as well for invoices?

All the dates are within the VAT period. I’ve input them all in exactly the same way, and only 31 out of 37 invoiccs are appearing on the VAT return. I’ve checked the ones not appearing to see if I’ve done anything different when inputting but they’re all the same. As I say, I have two almost identical invoices with the same date, but only one is showing up.

Some are zero rated VAT and some of these are showing up on the return. It’s just randomly missing off invoice for some reason.

Its best QF support to have a look at your account as further hunt requires access to your data

How do I go about arranging this?

@QFSupport Please little help here

Says I cant send a message to that user

Hi @robinnelson

If you’re on cash accounting the payment date is taken into account to calculate your VAT return.

So if your VAT period is 01/01/2019 - 31/03/2019 for example, and the invoice is dated 01/03/2019 but paid 01/04/2019, it won’t be included in that return (because the cash hasn’t been received in that period).

What VAT period are you looking at, what date are the invoices, and when were they paid?

That seems to be the problem - thank you very much.

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