VAT return not submitted to HMRC

Hello. VAT return prepared for a client for period ending 30 September 2019. Registered for MTD and the return for the previous period was successfully submitted through Quickfile under MTD. But for this period, having clicked to submit to HMRC, I got a message saying that locking down transactions was taking longer than usual and we would get an email once the return is submitted. It is now showing on Quickfile as Saved but not submitted to HMRC. The attempted submission was nearly 2 hours ago, and given the deadline is tomorrow, I am anxious about leaving it too much longer before checking whether it will actually go through.

Out of interest, the VAT return screen changed overnight from the green form with a blue MTD flash in the top left, to a more white and grey form. Not sure if this is connected?

Hi @Paul_Hutt,

If it is showing as Saved, I would recommend rolling back that Saved return and attempt to resubmit it.

There were some updates done with the VAT return process and from the sounds of it yours has just been switched to the new layout but I wouldn’t have thought this would affect it.

Please let me know if you still get the same issue when you re-submit.

That’s perfect - gone straight through this time. Thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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