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Vat return not submitted via MTD

Hi, Unable to submit vat return via MTD. I get the message you are not yet authorised to view this report. I have been through all the troubleshooting measures on this forum and still not been able to fix it. I have been successfully using MTD to submit previous returns.
Please help

How long have you been successfully submitting MTD for? A lot of people are popping up with various errors now because the access token that grants QuickFile access to HMRC on your behalf expires after 18 months -to fix it you need to go in QuickFile to Reports -> HMRC, completely disconnect your connected tax account, then go through the connect process again in order to renew the token for another 18 months.

Hi Ian

I have been submitting for approx 18 months. I have disconnected and Reconnected again but still not working.
Il try it again and let you know how I get on.

Hi @jagman,

Did you manage to resolve this? If not please let me know and I can have a look at your account with you

Hi Beth & Ian

All sorted now, Vat return submitted.
I disconnected and reconnected again and now all working.


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