VAT return period "open", but it's already been submitted

I am having issues when submitting my latest VAT return. I get an email to say that the VAT return was already submitted for the given period however this is not showing on HMRC and it only says that it is saved on my VAT return list.

How do I submit this so that I don’t get charged for a late submission?


If the return is showing as saved on your return list then you would need to roll these back first to unlock the transactions. Once you have done this you should be able to ‘prepare’ them and upload to HMRC.

Thanks for your reply. I have done this but for some reason it still won’t let me!


Have you checked through this troubleshooter to make sure that everything else is in order? : Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Thanks for this. I have now been through these steps.

Just had a quick thought. The two VAT returns that I have filed are covering the period that HMRC are asking for. Is it possible that it could just not be showing up on our VAT account on HMRC?


Sorry, I’ve just noticed the dates overlap. It would be worth contacting HMRC to say that you’ve already uploaded the returns in 2 separate periods which cover the one they are asking for. It may be that you’ll just need to submit a zero return for that open period.

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