VAT Return populating YTD figures not quarterly

I have been using Quickfile for years to submit my returns without an issue but have now noticed that YTD figures are being populated instead of quarterly figures in all boxes this financial year which has now resulted in overpayments to HMRC

Any help would be appreciated as cant find a contact number for Quickfile.

Thank you

There is no number for quickfile. Just online support.

Have you changed any vat settings recently? Sounds like you may have.


Thanks for the reply - havent changed anything and checked my settings - everything looks the same.

Hi @Forthpromotions,

Is this when you run your VAT return that you are seeing everything from the previous year? Have you made sure that the previous returns are saved and haven’t been rolled back by accident?

Hi @Forthpromotions

Just following up to see if this was still an issue?

If so, please let us know - we’ll leave this thread open for a few more days just incase.


I can’t check as it won’t let me generate my next return until after 31.1.21


Tracey Yates

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