VAT Return preparation - no figures on VAT return

I am preparing to submit my second VAT return. I have the sales logged in the system but when I go through to prepare the return no figures have pulled through. Can you let me know what i have done wrong as the on the first return this was not a problem. Thanks Sandra

Hi @Sandra48

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?

Hi Matthew Cash accounting

Thanks for coming back to me.

The first thing to check is you have payments in the period you’re looking at. If you have sales invoices for example, are they “Draft”, “Sent”, “Partially Paid”, or “Paid in full”? And if they’re one of the last 2, are they paid in the period you’re looking at?

It’s also worth checking your VAT settings and checking the VAT Start Date. Anything before this date is ignored, so it should be at least before your current VAT period to include everything in it.

Just realised I made the payment on the invoices outside of the date for this return - saw on a previous VAT comment that this is the problem - so sorted

thanks for your prompt help


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