VAT Return problem

I’m new to Quickfile and have just got to the end of our first quarter (April - June 2019) using Quickfile so it’s time to file our VAT return directly with HMRC.

We own a pub so take cash and card payments immediately at the point of sale. I log the takings of the previous Monday to Sunday week on the following Monday as Cash Register Sales. As the quarter ended on Sunday 30th June 2019 we paid the cash into the bank on Monday 1st July (in the next quarter). The last week in June’s sales are not included in the VAT calculations. Is this because the payment into the bank of the cash and card from that week were in the next quarter or have I done something wrong?

Please help!

Hi @MaxHarrison,

You can change the date of the transaction in QuickFile to the 30th June so that it is included within the VAT period. However, I would ask an accountant to be sure to make sure that it isn’t going to affect you in other ways

Thank you.
I changed the dates on the cash sales register entry and also the payments in relation to it and it’s done the trick to make the sales total for the quarter (and therefore the corresponding VAT amount) as it should be when compared with my excel spreadsheet record. Nice one! Thanks.

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