VAT Return - Selecting dates for a preview

Hi Glenn,

I think I have found a bug. In the knowledge base (VAT), there is this entry.

Previewing your VAT Return

In the VAT return preview screen you have the option to dynamically change the ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates and Quick File will recalculate the totals. If you want to see a breakdown of the items that make up the totals on your VAT return then you can download the calculations, these are delivered in CSV format and can be previewed in Excel or a compatible spreadsheet program.

This does not work. The report ignores the start date selected and defaults to the VAT Start Date set in the VAT Settings. That’s how I got my 2nd VAT Return incorrect. It used all entries back to 1st November 2012 eventhough I selected 1st February 2013 as the start date.



Yes, the VAT return will always pull in un-reconciled transactions from the start date, this is a normal behavior. That’s why it’s important to commit the VAT returns as this process reconciles all the items so they don’t get included in subsequent VAT returns.

The reason items are brought forward in this way is so that entries made in an earlier period after a VAT return is submitted get brought forward and accounted for.

Hi Glenn,

I get how the VAT Return calculates from the VAT Start Date in the configuration page, it is just that in your Knowledge Base, it states “In the VAT return preview screen you have the option to dynamically change the ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates and Quick File will recalculate the totals.”

The preview calculation displayed ignores the selected ‘from’ date. The calculation goes from the VAT Start Date to the ‘to’ date every time.



It doesn’t ignore the start date, it only actually uses the start date on the very first VAT return. Once you’ve saved this it will always continue on from the closing date of the last return. But yes moving the start date around won’t have a much of an affect on the calculations, as the system by default will always bring in transactions from either the start date or the end date of the last saved return. We will have a look at the guide here to see if we can make this clearer.

Hi Glenn,
I’ve not used the VAT rerturn option for some time and would like to use it for the new tax year. Unfortunately, even in the nrew tax year starting April 2014, the software keeps using the un-reconciled data from last year. How can I prevent that and make a fresh start?
Regards, Sjoerd

In the VAT settings you’d need to move the start date forward to the begining of the new period. This acts as a wall and prevents older unreconciled items from being brought forward.

I don’t think the system will let you change the start date if a return has already been filed. If you let me know what the new start date should be I can update this for you.

Thank you for your quick response!
I have already filed a manual VAT return at HMRC up to and including April 2014.
So a new start date would be 1 May 2014.
I’ve tried to change the date in the “VAT filing start date” field but the software doesn’t let me change it.
Can you help with that?

I have updated your VAT start date to 1st May 2014.

Excellent! Thank you.

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