VAT Return Status - Submitted - Paid?


I submitted a VAT return electronically last month and I recorded its payment today.

I looked in the Reports - VAT Returns and noticed that the status button showed “Submitted”.

I looked for a way to change the status to ‘Paid’ but couldn’t find a way.

Is this possible?


Hi @Darren_Smith

The VAT return status just refers to whether or not it’s been submitted to HMRC, and isn’t updated to show the payment status unfortunately. However, with MTD, there is a new report available.

There are two new reports for MTD VAT.

  1. Current Obligations - Shows outstanding and completed VAT returns
  2. Payments / Liabilities - Shows a ledger of payments made to HMRC and liabilities created when a VAT return is submitted.

Both of these reports are pulled directly from HMRC and are near real time.

If your business is eligible with HMRC, you’re welcome to use the trial setup.

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