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VAT Return Submission failed - VRN not found


I Have tried to submit the VAT for a company and i have the below error message:

This email has been automatically generated to inform you that a VAT Return for A… for the period 01/02/2019 to 30/04/2019 has been unsuccessfully processed by HM Revenue and Customs.
Reason being:
By ChRIS : The VRN specified 307779276 was not found.

Please adivse


Hi @lisaefc

The error VRN Specified was not found is one returned by HMRC.

Have you registered for MTD or still using the older submission method?


I have registered for the online filing of VAT with HMRC. And within the online HMRC account there is no way to upload anymore without doing it through a computerised system. So this error message should not be coming up.
What do you adivse i do?


By the sounds of it you have registered for MTD - you will need to make sure you have enabled MTD in your Vat settings.

Once you have enabled MTD you will be able to go to Reports > HMRC and submit that way.

If there is already a return saved you will first need to roll this back before you can submit again.


Hi @lisaefc,

Just a quick Follow up - did you managed to sort our your VAT return?


Yes it submitted correctly. I went into the hmrc settings.

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