VAT Returned appearing rolled back


I submitted correctly my VAT return for the March-June 19 period (have ID from HMRC and it appears on my HMRC account). On QF it appears however rolled back. Now I am trying to submit for the July-Sep19 period and looking at the calculations it is taking into account transactions from March to September.

Is there a quick way to fix the issue?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @Ludo,

If you have rolled-back the return then this will unlock all of the transactions from a VAT return. You will need to re-save this period before you are able to submit the next one.

If it has already been filed, then you will need to remove your online filling settings to just save that missing period. Once saved, you can add your online filling settings back in to submit the next period.

Hope this helps

That worked great
thank you

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