VAT Returns errors (Picking up items outside of VAT period)

I am completing my second VAT return. The dates set for the period are correct, Dec to Feb, however QuickFile insists on picking up all the figures for Sep to Feb, in other words, includes everything for the previous return. There are no gaps in my returns and I don’t want to keep adjusting the start date (shouldn’t have to?). Also your guidance says “In the VAT return preview screen you have the option to dynamically change the ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates and QuickFile will recalculate the totals.” well it doesn’t - the dates are fixed, so I can’t test by moving the dates

Are you on cash accounting? If so we’re those invoices paid in this quarter?

If not then check the previous vat return you submitted is showing as submitted or not.

Hi @DavidW

When you submitted your previous return did you generate it from your QuickFile data or did you submit it through the bridging module or another method?

If the previous return wasn’t created using the data in QuickFile then these transactions wouldn’t have been locked and so would picked up in the next return

I entered the data from sratch for the period and then used the Quickfile data to submit using your system. I remember I did have to submit a couple of times for it to be accepted by HMRC, so may have done something wrong in the process. So 2 questions - how do I “lock” these previous transactions and how do I make certain this periods transactions are picked up by the system?

If you remove your online filing settings you can then run and save the previous return period. Make sure that you’re happy that the figures in your saved return are the same as those you’ve submitted otherwise you may need to make some adjustments on your next return.

Once saved then if you re-add your online filing settings you should be able to run the next return with no issues

Right, getting fed up with this now. I have removed online filing settings, when I try to recalculate the previous return period it won’t let me and says “You have a saved VAT Return that overlaps this period (ending 30 Nov 2020). Please rollback any overlapping VAT Returns before proceeding.” No idea what “rollback” means and I can’t find it described anywhere?

Find any vat returns that say saved or submitted that overlap the period in question and click the rollback button.

Done that , there is no “rollback button” just one that says “show rollback” which says that period has been rolled back. Still get the same message that will not allow me to recalculate.

Tried everything suggested on this topic and unfortunately nothing worked. As I am running out of time (and patience) I had to change the VAT start date and resubmit - the figures appear correct now. Let’s hope I don’t have the same problems next quarter. Have to say, I am majorly dissappointed with this accounts package and the method of providing support is a disgrace - wouldn’t have paid if I had known - I will be seeking an alternative that works properly.

Hi @DavidW

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the level of support. We always strive to deliver the best support we can.

The VAT return will pick up any figures that are either within the period of the return, or prior to the period not already accounted for (e.g. late entered invoices/payments, depending if you’re on cash or accrual accounting for VAT).

If you have adjusted your VAT return start date now, anything prior to that date will not be used for future returns.

There are a few things to check if past figures are being included, but there are a few variables that affects this too. For example, if you’re on cash accounting, the payment dates are the ones taken into account. If an invoice is paid within the period of the return, regardless of the invoice date, it will still be included.

Hopefully that helps somewhat, but if you need any further help before the submission deadline, please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll try our best to help.

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