VAT Returns pulling in old transactions when changing scheme

We have recently moved to cash accounting. I have checked what is potentially owing in the latest quarter. However, the figures when downloaded the export is pulling figures all the way back from 2018. How can this be amended for when I need to submit the VAT returns end of July please?


By default, QuickFile will pull in any entries from your VAT start date (in your VAT settings) through to the end of the VAT period.

You can adjust this to a date after your last VAT return (e.g. 01/06/2021 if your last return was up to 31/05/2021). This will prevent anything from before this date being included.

However, as you’ve changed VAT scheme, it’s likely some manual adjustments will be required. As with any other return, download your calculations and double-check them before submitting.

Hope that helps!

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