VAT returns rejected - unable to resubmit


Company started 25/06/2013; registered for VAT in January 2014 with an effective date for registration of 25/06/2013. (to reclaim R&D expense VAT)

I, stupidly, submitted returns for 01/07/2013>30/09/2013 (-5.55) and 01/10/2013>31/12/2013 (-£2,459.53), thinking that quarterly VAT returns always started in January. They were rejected by HMRC as the period wasn’t right.

Our returns should run from 01/06>31/08, 01/09>30/11, etc, and in the cold light of saturday morning I realise I should have calculated/submitted this first return for the whole of 25/06/2013 through 28/02/2014. (by setting 01/06/2013 to 28/02/2014) I, however, am an enthusiastic idiot of the highest order.

Realising what the correct period should have been, and continuing to be an idiot of the highest order and it being Friday evening/me having other things on my mind I ploughed ahead and tried a return from 01/01/2014>28/02/2014 (-£24.19), which was accepted by HMRC as the end date was right, but it should really have been a return for the period 25/06/2013 to 28/02/2014.

The success email from Quickfile said: (note the dates)

"This email has been automatically generated to confirm that a VAT Return for CAMBRIDGE HEAT TRANSFER LTD has been received and processed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Net VAT to be reclaimed from HM Revenue & Customs (Difference between boxes 3 and 4) (Box 5) is GBP 24.19 for the period 25/06/2013 to 28/02/2014."

Where has that date come from? (it isn’t the date that the VAT return calculations covered) Is it what HMRC thought Quickfile had submitted?

I can extract myself from this mess with a VAT 652 but want to explain why the error arose. (submitted return covered 01/01/2014>28/02/2014, not 25/06/2013>28/02/2014)

It would be useful to know what dates QuickFile sent to HRMC for this purpose. (where do the dates in the confirmation email from QuickFile come from?)



These dates are sent to us from HMRC as part of the filing confirmation. Usually in your first VAT return you will include any figures from the point of registration. When you file for 01/01/2014 to 28/02/2014 on Quick File, with this being your first VAT return all transactions from the start date will be pulled forward.

I can see your start date in Quick File is set as 01/07/2013.

Thanks Glenn,

I’ll send off my careless VAT 652 and try not to be so inept in future. Great product, even better service. :smile:

It may be worth adding a note to say where the contents of that confirmation email come from. At the minute it (data) appears to come from QuickFile, whereas it’s actually something like “QuickFile has received the following response from HMRC servers?”

Company formed 25/06; VAT start date of 01/07 predated all transactions and was chosen because I’d thought it had to be at the start of a quarter, not actually realising quite how the first VAT return worked until explained via Quickfile.

(I must have lucked out with a previous company as it was registered for VAT effective 01/01 and the first return was for a quarter only; thought I knew what I was doing this time but clearly not even close)



Thank you for your kind words!

We actually prepare the confirmation email and mail merge the dates and amounts (supplied from HMRC) into the response. I’ll see if we can modify our template to explicitly state that these dates are specified by HMRC. It should only be relevant for the first return as future returns will just display the 3 month period.

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