VAT Settings - Quote periods as month ending


We have had some discussions with our clients who are having problems with the VAT setting module. The VAT period in the setting indicates the ‘month commencing’. HMRC give the clients who are registered a certificate with a ‘month ending’.

Please kindly bear in mind that most users are not accountants or bookkeepers and may get confused when entering the period. This mean that if they enter the wrong period their return would not be accepted. Would it be not better to have settings similar to HMRC so that users may be a little less confused please?

Thank you.

I know this can cause confusion, it makes sense to align our terminology with that of HMRC. I’ve asked if those menu options can be updated and we’ll come back to you when this has been implemented.


@ElpisBS I thought this would be a simple change but I’m afraid it’s not. Unfortunately it will need to remain as it is for now.

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Anyway, might be worth adding a note to the VAT setting screen in the meantime pointing out that the VAT periods on QF are not the same as is on your VAT return paperwork from HMRC.


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We’ll rethink this, a warning is probably the best option for now.

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