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VAT Submission Error Unable to Roll Back

Hi, I received an error email from Quickfile stating: HMRC Error Code: 500, Status: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, Message: An internal server error occurred

It was suggested I rolled back the period. However, when you go to period 21B1, it shows rolled back. When you then go to create, it shows the same VAT return as “Filed”. You can view the original submission, but you are unable to roll back again.

Please can you help?


Hi Paul

We’ve reported a number of cases to HMRC recently where they accepted the VAT return but responded with a server error as relayed in that email.

We have been advised in such cases that the best course of action is for the business to manually confirm the submission by logging into their tax account.

You can also check the following in QuickFile which provides a live report on which periods remain open.

Reports >> HMRC

Click to view the tax account, then go to VAT obligations.

We’ll contact you by private message to get your account details so we can manually align the returns to what HMRC have.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks very much for your prompt response and advice. I have checked the HMRC file and can see the return is registered. Quickfile HMRC reports show the return as filed.



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