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Vat Submission fail due to 2 factor authentication


I have all the correct usernames and passwords for HMRC submission of VAT. However, I have had to set up 2 factor verification where HMRC send a code to my mobile which I then have to input to gain access to submit a VAT return. This 2 factor verification is causing Quickfile to fail as there is no way of setting this up. How can this be dealt with?


Hello @cmulinder

The 2 factor authentication wouldn’t affect the submission of a VAT return through QuickFile.

Is the return being rejected when you try to submit it? If so, it’s likely that an error message will appear at the bottom of the return itself.


no the error message is in a pink box at the top of the submission screen in Quickfile


What’s the message you’re seeing exactly? Is this at the top of your VAT return itself, or on another screen?


This is within Quickfile, so it never gets as far as the HMRC gateway


The error is exactly what it suggests unfortunately. The error is the one returned to us by HMRC:

Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.

If your VAT number, username and password are all correct, I would suggest contacting HMRC directly.


Thanks for your help. Will do


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