VAT Submission Locked

I am having problem submitting VAT as the account page is locked

My last VAT Return was not submitted because it was rather registered as SAVED instead of submitted and this had attracted penalty from HMRC
I tried options of re-registering the VAT Account but it has been 3 days and I still cannot re-submit it.

Hi @Logika

Am I right to assume you’re on Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT?

Can I just clarify this point - is it your HMRC account that you’re having issues with linking, or just the submission of a VAT return? Are you seeing any error messages?

I already linked my HMRC and MTD. I realised my last VAT was not submitted but rather SAVED. Checking the possible way out, I disconnect and reconnect the VAT Account, but the account will not enable me to access VAT since then

You would need to roll the return back to make the period available for submission.

What error message(s) are you seeing at this point?

The error message is that: You are not yet authorised to view the report VRN 171959669. Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

Do you have more than one government gateway account? If so, are you sure you connected the correct one? And have you completely disconnected any other accounts in the Reports -> HMRC page?

I have only one gateway account for VAT and had been using it since 2007. I disconnected and reconnect it

Hi @Logika

It’s worth checking out our troubleshooting guide, especially with the error message you’re seeing:
Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

This will identify and help fix the most common issues.

Thanks a lot. Will check

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Thanks a lot. I had been able to fix it by reconnecting HMRC account

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