VAT Submitted Electronically but showing as rollback

Hi all, my previous VAT submission went to HMRC and has been paid but when I check in reports its showing as rollback. Now when I try and generate the current period VAT report its adding the previous period to it. I.E its showing as a double VAT bill.

How can I fix this.


Hi @mphayesuk,

If you have rolled back your VAT return then the transactions won’t be locked anymore, you will need to save the rolled back return before proceeding onto your next one

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. All fixed now. Thanks

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Same thing here, how do I “save the rolled back return”?
I can’t see any option for that?

you will need to remove any online filing settings to then be able to save it. Otherwise if you are with MTD it will know you have already submitted so won’t allow you to save the same period again.

Hope this helps

You don’t do anything with the rolled back return, you need to create a brand new return for the rolled back period and save it without ticking the box to submit it online.

How do i do that please?