Vat to Expenses

Hi all. Thanks for reading my query.
I am not vat registered as yet but will be soon. I try to add an expense to my quickfile but i can seem to add the vat to the expense? any ideas?


You add the gross price including vat.

Hi @oneillms

Unless you are VAT Registered you are unable to add any VAT to invoices or purchases. So as @Paul_Courtier has said, you will need to enter these as Gross.

Once you are VAT Registered with HMRC, you will be able to do this.

Ok Thanks for help . May have been handy to see how much vat i have paid .
Last year was my last year of not being vat registered but i think it may happen in this financial year

It shouldn’t be to hard to do a rough estimate, should be pretty easy to identify most items that would include vat.

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