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VAT Total not adding up correctly

Hi, for some odd reason the VAT total doesn’t correlate with VAT on my invoice even though all the items have the correct VAT percentage.

I’ve attached a screen shot to show the issue

If anyone has any pointers I would be most grateful.



Hi @Phil_Broom

Has the VAT amount been edited at all? The amount can be overriden - there’s a small leeway above the calculated amount, but a larger one to reduce it.

It would be handy to know which lines are different to your invoice, and the net, vat and gross shown on your invoice compared to the one in quickfile.

Don’t forget, that sometimes things get rounded up or down. As vat is 20% (1/6) it can’t always be calculated to the exact decimal point. Which is why hmrc allow some rounding differences.

If you could explain what’s different it would be easier to advise.

The last line is wrong - £10 x 3 items should be £6 VAT rather than £4. If you change the quantity to something else and then back to 3, does that fix the VAT column?

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