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VAT working out incorrectly

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My purchases and sales are working out 20% VAT incorrectly.
subtotal - |65.47 vat -|20.00%| 13.09 gross |78.56|

The link is to your login page which we do not wish to access. Can you please upload a pdf for us to see.

6131503363_PUR_21969763_baee02ef-d11.pdf (83.0 KB)

Can you see the file above? :slight_smile:

I can see the purchase invoice. VAT seems to be worked out correctly.
£65.47 net plus vat @ 20% = VAT of £13.09 total of £78.56

The vat is correct. Why do you think it’s wrong?

Are you confusing entering gross payments instead of net?

Sorry guys - 1 very tired mama here. Must have input the wrong figures. Thank you!

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