Vatable amount not adding up

Not sure if this is the right section, but the Vatable amount on my latest prepared VAT return doesnt tally with the invoices. I have 3 invoices on the system, all including VAT, they are £6055.05 , £9,140.66 , £5,709.83. I am on flat rate scheme at 7.5%. So according to my calcs i owe £1567.92 on the total. but on the vat return form the vatable amount has been added up to £23583.27 (which doesn’t tally with the 3 invoice totals!) and is saying i owe £1768.74. I dont understand why the total isnt £20905.54? Which it should be.

I dont think ive made a studid mistake but feel free to tell me if i have! I am a bit of a novice to the online accounts thing!

Anyone got any ideas?

I’ve checked your calculation and it is correct. The only issue I can think of is that flat rate vat is not working/active on your QF.
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Thanks for reply. This is my third return usin QF and the other two worked fine, so i am still a bit perplexed.

The first step is to download the “export” from the VAT return preparation screen as that will show clearly exactly which items make up the totals for each box.

Are you on cash accounting by any chance? That’s the most common reason for these kinds of apparent mismatches as the cash accounting return is based on the dates of payments received, not the dates of invoices issued. If you’ve been paid during this quarter for an invoice that was raised last quarter, or you’ve been paid in advance for an invoice that you issued later, then that will count towards this return on cash accounting.

The next most likely is if you’ve issued a back-dated invoice after the point where you submitted your previous return - anything in a previous quarter that hasn’t already been locked down by an existing return will be included in this one automatically.

These are the figures on the system. The correct amounts (totals from the three invoices) followed by the ones used in the downloaded calculation file in brackets!

£6055.05 , (£7661.63) £9,140.66 , (£9980.44) £5,709.83 (£5941.20)

the vat return seems to have added a random amount on to each invoice!

That does look a bit odd, I suspect it’ll need someone from @QFSupport to take a look at your account from their side (I’m not QuickFile staff, I’m just another user like yourself).

Thanks. I’ll message them.

I had a quick look at this for you, some observations:

The last open VAT period is from 1st August to 31st October. Within this period there are 3 payments received all on 12th August (It’s cash accounting so calcs are based on payment dates rather than invoices dates).

The 3 figures you’ve mentioned relate to payments made after 31st October and are therefore not falling within the scope of this VAT return.

Hopefully that will help, but let us know if you have any doubts.

Hi Glenn. Thanks for the reply. I’ll check the dates and try again

It was the dates! i changed them to the correct ones and it is all working fine!
Thanks for your help

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