VATMOSS 1st January 2015

With VATMOSS coming within the month, will Quickfile be able to assist us with the problems it delivers?

We are discussing this internally but I don’t have a great deal of information I can provide at this time.

It’s very unlikely we will have a full blown reporting system that will allow users to determine sales by jurisdiction. Although we will be introducing configurable VAT rates before January 1st.

Regrettably these new European regulations heap a whole load more complexity onto an already complex area of accounting. We will do what we can to cater for the new requirements although like everything else it will likely come in piecemeal.

Thankfully the scope of these regulations won’t affect the majority of businesses trading in Europe, for other users looking to gain an understanding of VATMOSS the following guide may prove to be useful.

We will update users further as and when the various additions have been made.

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Thanks Glenn, I appreciate the extra work I know this will cause and you and the team will be putting into the system.


Hi Glenn

I look forward for updates on this.

Best, Sameera