View Clients problem

Hi, The alphabetical A-Z bar of clients seems to have dissapeared when i click the view clients tab>

Hi @CliveClive

Are you accessing the page from a mobile device, or a computer with a small monitor?

Its a desktop PC with a full size 20" landscape monitor

Just to confirm, are you going to Sales >> View Clients?

Yes, and there were A-Z boxes to select from

They should appear - we haven’t changed anything here.

The only reason I asked about your device above, is because on a mobile view, the selection is condensed into a dropdown instead.

Would you be able to upload a screenshot showing what you see on this page please, and I can check this with our development team? You’re welcome to send this in a private message if you’d prefer.

It works on the Purchasers- View Suppliers…

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Thanks @CliveClive. I’ve removed your image from the forum as it’s a public forum.

So what’s happened, is it’s condensed down into the dropdown I mentioned above. Can I just check what your screen resolution is please?

Ah Ha I hve just found the small 'All button with the dropdown box, so problem solved.

many thanks

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