View date on estimate, invoices and letters if there put into client portal

I know you can see when the client last logged in but it be nice to see when they actually viewed each estimate or invoice as they might have logged in but only view one of say 5 with last viewed on the invoice and estimate screen you know if they have viewed it or not

If you check the event log for that particular invoice/estimate, the exact view date and time will be displayed there.

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It still be nice for a column like in client view list but at least i can verify just the logn for now :slight_smile:

You could arguably put every shred of information about an invoice in a column on the main list. I agree it’s useful in particular cases, although from a usability point of view it will end up becoming very cluttered.

Even if we had more configurable columns, some of this data is stored outside the primary database so can’t be quickly brought in without severely impacting on performance.