"View/modify specific supplier records" privilege not working


I’ve set up a new user who I want to have permission to view and create purchases. I’ve set the privileges as below:

(All checkboxes not visible are unchecked.)

However, when logging in as this user, I can view the list of suppliers via ‘Purchases’->‘View Suppliers’, but then clicking on a specific supplier gives me the “Sorry, this area is off limits!!” page.

I’ve noticed that if you also select the “View/modify specific client records” privilege under the Sales section (as below), you can then actually view individual suppliers.

I imagine the two privilege names have been mixed up somewhere in the code.



Hi @ops_paul

I’ve managed to replicate this. I’ll ask our dev team to have a look and will report back shortly.

I should add - our dev guys are quite tied up at the moment, but as soon as I hear anything back, I will post an update here.

Just a quick one to let you know that this issue has been resolved.

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