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I am the treasurer for a small society. As such, we like to make sure that the financial side of the society is open for scrutinisation by members of the committee to make sure things are done properly.

It would therefore be useful if designated individuals could have access to Quickfile but not be able to alter any data or transactions - a view-only option in fact.

Other people may notice things and be able to suggest, for example, new nominal account categories. They’d be able to look at the detail in advance - as I am doing now - to prepare for our AGM.

Hello @COatJSL

Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you. Glad it was considered. Do you have a pipeline we could see for new features?

Hello @COatJSL

On the main forum page you can select the “Feature Request” category.

You can then view the latest requests and you can view the number of votes each has had.
You can also filter by “Planned”, “Implemented” and “Under consideration”.

Have a look here, it’s maybe useful for you

Thank you for pointing this out. Great feature!

I agree that this would be very useful. In the meantime, though, the following might be useful:

I believe you can create a user login that has access only to the Reports menu. That lets them see “all reports, including chart of accounts, profit and loss, balance sheet, debtor ageing reports and any other report accessible under the Reports menu”.

To do that you’d choose Settings - Team Management and create a new user. Then after you’ve created that user, edit their Privileges (the padlock icon) and untick everything except the “reports” option.

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That looks to be very helpful. I will look into your suggestion and give it a try. Thanks very much for suggesting this workaround and taking the time time to tell me.

No problem. I use it to give my accountants access to the accounts at the end of the year - but I have to give them access to view all transaction details, not just the summary reports, in case there’s a problem with how I’ve done a payment or journal entry. At the moment that means they also get write access, which isn’t necessary or desirable. (Obviously I trust them, but it’s still not good practice.) So I’d still like to see your Read-Only option. I think that Privileges menu should have two checkboxes next to each category, one for “view” and one for “modify”.

Another example of where it would come in useful: I’m currently making arrangements to allow a trustee access to my Quickfile accounts so he can monitor the total amount of customer prepayments I’ve taken. I run a cycle tour business and this is one the the ways that I can meet my statutory obligations to protect customers’ money: the trustee will control a separate trust account which must at all times have enough money in it for him to refund all outstanding customer prepayments, should the company go out of business. Again that means he should be able to see individual transactions and customer details, but not modify them.

Your needs are more specific than mine but thanks for giving me your background.

My situation is that I am treasurer and membership secretary for a historical society with 100+ members. Members are UK based but with at least 2/3 of the total in the US or other countries. The annual membership fee is £25. We are not a charity and we don’t even have a formal constitution.

Annual subscriptions are with PayPal. Being a very tech-unsophisticated group, it took me a long time to get them using PayPal.

I only started using Quickfile about a year ago, so 2021 will be my first year to do end-of-year.

My reason for asking about the view-only option is so that committee members could have a look at the finances but not change anything. I have the automated feeds from our Bank and also from PayPal, so they could see any transaction if they wanted. It would make me feel comfortable that I was offering full transparency.

View mode has been requested several times (from 2015 some of them :)).