View purchases with receipt attachments

I have a number of Purchases recorded. Nearly all of which should have an associated receipt or invoice.
I am able to successfully upload the receipts into RECEIPT HUB, via iphone and Dropbox integration.

I know there is a way to view all my Purchases (Purchases > View Payments), but it would be nice to have a little symbol/marker signifying which of these purchases already have a receipt attached, and which not. Is there a way to do this?

The only method I have found is a bit cumbersome (i.e. having to click into each individual transaction and look for the attached PDF).
I need a quicker way to be able to know what receipt to go and find next, and upload through Receipt hub.


This is supported already. If you go to your list of purchase invoices (not payments), you will see a small icon for any items that have attached receipt images:

You can also pop open the advanced search box and filter all receipts with or without attachments.

Hope that helps!

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Superb !! This software just gets better :slight_smile:
Thanks Glenn!

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