Viewing Invoices


I am able to gain access to my dashboard but when am I trying to view all my invoices it won;t load the page but will navigate to other pages, does anyone have any information please?

I can’t replicate this problem on your account. Are you seeing any specific error messages? have you tried a different browser or clearing your history?

I cleared my history and it has been happening since then. I can access all other aspects of quick files but when I click on ‘View Invoices’ the circle in the tab just keeps going around and not loading, it has been doing this since last night?

It’s working now!! :smiley:

I believe you are using Chrome… try this:

Go to the sales invoices page.

Now when the page times out, hold down the CTRL key and press the refresh button:

This will do a super refresh and request the latest copy of the web page from our server. I’m pretty sure your browser has cached an old version of the page. It works fine on my side (also on Chrome) so that would be a possible explanation.

Excellent, thanks for letting me know!

I have been going into quickfile for the past couple of days ad am having issues seeing any of my invoices or purchases as there is just a notification saying “loading data” when I log in. I’ve waited for over half hour for everything to load and nothing has come up. Is this an issue with the system at the moment?

Same thing reported here.

I think an update yesterday created a caching issue. Try again now, if it still fails see the response in the post above.