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Virgin Money Bank Feed

Hi, I can’t find a QF link to Virgin Money banking. On their website they say they have an Open Banking API. Are there any plans to integrate them into QF soon?

Hi @Jonathan_Wills

We don’t currently support Virgin Money, but if there’s enough interest in this, we can certainly take a look at this as part of future development.

For reference, here’s a list of the supported banks: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/openbanking/providers

+1 for a Virgin Money link, at the moment it’s the only thing stopping me moving to QF

+1. But it is listed on the open banking providers page now.

Hi @JonR1

Yes - that’s correct. This is generally available now. Apologies for not updating this thread, but we have updated this now.

@Jonathan_Wills @Vistaro - You can also connect to this if you have a Bank Feed Subscription.


Any progress on Virgin Credit Cards?

Hi QFMathew,
Is it right that you only support virgin saving accounts or is the graphic in “supported bank feed” not right (see photo below). In my eyes that wouldn’t make sense to support saving accounts but not the current accounts.

Hi @rhc

Yes, this is correct. I believe Virgin only provide business savings accounts.

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