Want to change from Limted Company to Sole Trader

Hi there - I’m trying to change the company details from registered VAT to sole Trader Status and cant see where I can change it - and have started to update without customers - is there any way around this?

Many thanks


Sorry can you please clarify…

Are you de-registering for VAT?

Or are you going from a Limited company to a sole trader?

Or none of the above?

hi there

Sorry, its just a case of when I was setting up a new account, I should have selected sole trader status - I need to have it to show VAT on invoices - Its a company that we have just taken over.

Unfortunately there is no way to change an account type from LTD to sole trader, the account would need to be closed and reopened. The nominal code structure is different for sole traders.

In terms of switching on VAT accounting, this can be done in Account Settings >> Company Settings.