Webhooks - Future Development

Just curious if there are any more actions in development, or planned for the web hooks?

We’re building a system for a client at the moment which uses the purchase order functionality, so would be interested in seeing purchase orders, purchases and suppliers on the list, but I appreciate you have a lot on your plate at the moment :smile:

We’ll certainly add additional hooks in the future. For the initial release we wanted to cover the more common scenarios, e.g. clients, quotations, invoices etc.

I think we may well be heavily tied down with other projects in the next few months but I shall bear it mind.

Thanks for the reply - always look forward to new features. Of course, I’m happy to work with workarounds at the moment and adapt as it develops.

The only other thing which I would like to see in terms of Webhooks would be to send it to more than one URL, which would definitely help

I needed to see the webhooks on two endpoint systems so all I’ve done is one relays to another which was pretty simple to implement.