What Category for a Bonus?

HI Guys,

Can you please help me. I have received a small bonus for staying with the same bank for the last year and do not know what Category I can assign this to in QuickFile?


That would go under ‘Miscellaneous Income’ if you’re a self employed consultant, if you’re an employee it should go through the PAYE system.

Many Thanks Joe I appreciate you taking the time to answer!

Actually Joe,

I have just tagged it as Miscellaneous Income and but cannot see a way of attaching the Letter which informed me of the bonus to it as evidence? How would I do this please or what should I do to show the evidence of where it has come from?


@Fanflame, if you tag as a ‘Payment from a customer’ and then enter the ‘Bank’s Name’ as the customer and click ‘Save’:

You can then click the ‘Tagged’ button as a short cut to the invoice link, click the invoice number to be taken to the invoice:

Now, simply upload any backing documents:

That is brilliant Joe! Thank you ver much for your help and advice.


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