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What will happen next year


For 17-18 my partner worked for an agent who wanted the loyalties of an employee. The agent was taking commissions for advertising and sourcing work for the entertainers but… if entertainers got their own work, the agent wanted a significant cut of that too and for the entertainer to advertise the agent while doing so.
This caused some turmoil and during the quiet period jan Feb March April, the agent insisted all work go through him or else. As a result, my partner and others decided to go it alone.
This meant my sewing work as taken a back burner for 18-19 while we have set things up entirely in his own right.
And for 18-19, I have worked for him more but am unlikely to actually recieve any pay.
How will that work out? In reality we are getting by… but for the accounts of two cash accounting self employed people?
It doesn’t make sense to me.
How will that go through the tax office?
Any advice greatfully recieved.


This would depend on how you’re registered. However, it’s pointing out that QuickFile is accrual based rather than cash.

I think this would be a question for your accountant as they are able to advise on the best way to do this within the guidelines set by HMRC. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we’re able to advise on.