What's new with QuickFile?


I’m wondering what’s in the pipeline for QuickFile in terms of feature enhancements etc.

I love QuickFile, but it feels like it’s starting to lag behind some other options, particularly in terms of mobile - I can’t tag bank transactions on the go, and just general updates and improvements.

So, I’m curious as to what’s in the pipeline. @Glenn is there some cool features coming soon that we should be on the look out for? And could we start to get some monthly updates with developments?


Hi Alan,

Our focus at the moment is on building out all the prerequisite stuff for Making Tax Digital (MTD), in fact we’ve just recently been granted live access to the MTD (ITSA) pilot system. We’ve also just launched a dedicated dashboard for private landlords, something that will be an integral part of supporting landlords on the initial MTD (ITSA) rollout.

In terms of other features, we are working to extend our support for different payment processors and web services, making it easier to collect payments using the most popular services and feed transactional data back into QuickFile.

Beyond that we’re always making iterative improvements to QuickFile. Many things are related to enhancing useability and performance, they are often small subtle changes that help users to streamline tasks and work more effectively.

In regards to mobile, it’s a little more complicated. We’re never going to develop feature parity with the web application, as a lot of finicky accounting tasks just don’t lend themselves too well to being performed on a 6" screen. That said I do think we can extend the mobile app to incorporate more bank tagging features, we will certainly be looking into this soon. In general mobile development is somewhat slower due to the fact that we’re developing cross-platform (e.g. iOS and Android) and we continually need to update things to remain compliant with the ever shifting OS versions and store policies.

I hope that gives you some insight into what we’re working on and please feel free to respond with any follow up questions.

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Great thanks for response- appreciate it.

Are you like to increase the zapier functionality? I’d like to automate more of my tasks but not confident enough with api / we hooks to handle that

Yes we could definitely look at that.

Was there any particular app you’d like to link QuickFile to through Zappier? Do you have some idea of the workflow? i.e. if this happens on application X do this in QuickFile or vice versa.

I use bubble.io to create internal apps for my company.

I’d like to be able to generate purchase invoices from my bubble app, either to existing supplier or a new one if existing one not found, and be able to send a file to the purchase invoice as the receipt image / pdf.

I’d also like to be able to pull nominal account balances so that I can compare budget with actual for a specified date range within my app. Presumably I would need to call a refresh function to get an updated account balance for the date range?

I know that these functions would be available by api and web hooks, but I couldn’t work out how to actually set the QuickFile one up. I’ve only ever setup basic api calls that have a simple bearer and no other authentication etc.

I don’t have any experience working with Bubble however in general Zappier works on the principle of triggers and events. If you can bind a trigger to be fired when you generate a purchase in Bubble, we can then look at adding a specific event on QuickFile.

I will create a private thread for you and CC the support team so we can go into a bit more detail around your requirements.

In addition if you follow the link below you can see a page with all feature requests. There is also a filter to get it more detailed for example what requests are under consideration and so on
Hope this helps

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