When a director resigns


Thanks for the welcome.

I have been using QuickFile now for just over twelve months and my year end accounts are due. Your Annual Company Accounts filing has been recommended to me by a very satisfied customer.

I am in the process of collating all the relevant paperwork for submission but need a bit of advice on how to record the following information in my accounts:-
My year end was 31st March 2013. There were originally two directors, myself and my sister.
However, on 31st October 2012 my sister resigned from the company. Form TM01 has been filed.
My sister signed and dated a letter confirming that she wished her share in the business to pass to me. She also stated that she wanted an outstanding loan to the business by another family member be released from the business and that she would take sole responsibility for its repayment, this was acceptable by the person who loaned the business the money.
Just not sure how to record this information.


We’re pleased to hear that our year end service has been recommended.

With regards to your question, It may be best to first sign up for our year end service, that way we can support you with the entries required from the actual information/figures.

I have signed up for your year end service.
Please let me know what information you require.