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When tabbing through receipts, the screen looses General Purchases etc

when inputting receipts, if you ‘tab’ through the sections to input the details, when you get to the part which has purchase type, with the most common being ‘General Purchases’, if you hit tab here to go to the next part which is the Tags, quickfile loses the ‘General Purchases’ (or what ever was in there by default) and blanks out that section with a mini error popping up.

This is quite annoying because if you want to just use Tab as a keyboard shortcut to tab your way through them all you cant do it, it falls over at the end every single time before you input the tags at the bottom.

im using the latest version of google chrome browser on windows if that makes a difference.

Thanks for letting us know @adnw. I’ve asked a developer to take a look into this.

Hi @adnw

Apologies for not coming back to you sooner, but a fix for this was released earlier this week.

If you continue to experience any issues here, please let us know.

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