Where can I find a debtors report?

Is there a Debtor report on Quickfile which you can run to exclude later payments?

Hi @eleanor0322

There are a two main reports that can show you information on debtors and outstanding invoices. Both of these can be found by going to Reports >> Show all Reports

  • Debtor / Credit Report
    This will show you a list of all invoices at a specific point in time. You can enter a date to query, and the list will show you any invoices that were not paid in full by that date.

  • Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report
    This report shows you outstanding invoices as of today, grouping them into bands based on how over due they are. This would show you totals rather than individual invoices

Does that help?

I can see the first report but I cannot see anywhere a date to query??

The query date is at the top of the table, like this:

That’s great thank you

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