Where do I go to submit an EC Sales List

I’ve searched high & low to find EC Sales List to create and send to HMRC but cannot find. Can you please let me know where it is???

Hi @mesholmes1956

As long as there’s a figure in box 8 on your VAT return, you should then see an option for the ECSL.

You also need to ensure the ECSL submission is enabled in your VAT settings.

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Hi Mathew, thanks for this, and I have all sorted, but in doing so, I’ve come across a problem I’m not sure how to deal with. The EC Sales periods aren’t the same as my VAT periods. IE my next VAT period is August to end October, so won’t be submitted for a while yet. But the EC Sales List due to reach HMRC by 14.10.2019 is for period 1st July to 30th September. I’ve submitted the July figure, as that was included on the last VAT return, but how can I submit the August and September figures without having submitted a VAT return? Hope you can help. Kind regards Margaret.

I notice you haven’t had a reply Margaret. We record EC sales in our order spreadsheet outside QF. Another way is to use the ‘project’ facility. It’s clumsy and it’s easy to forget to use but it is a way to show all invoices for a certain period belonging to a project. In this case, default all your customers who are ex-UK EU VAT registered to an ‘ec sales’ project, for example. Every invoice you raise for them will then get that project tag. If Brexit happens, we won’t need it soon. I have always found it ironic (and stupid) that there is more VAT admin overhead and confusion selling to ex-UK EU than to e.g. USA.

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