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While sending sales invoice, Carbon Copy(CC) is going into different Email Id


When I am sending sales invoices to client, I used to keep CC on separate Email, that is Creditcontrol@***.co.uk and that is created specifically for Sales Invoices. Even invoice copy shows the same Email address.

But the invoices are not showing on this Email address and it goes under the main Admin Email account.

Please advice…

Hi @Nquery,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, I have also removed part of your email address as this is a public forum.

To be clear are you saying that you have the CreditControl email address set up so that all emails come from that email? But then when you want to send a copy to yourself it is sending the copy to the admin’s email address and not the credit control one?

Yes, I have CreditControl Email address set up as a default email address and I want to send a copy to that default email address that is credit control one but the system sending copy to the admin’s email address.

Hi @Nquery

If you’re ticking the “CC Me” box when sending the invoice, it literally means “me” in this sense. So the copy will always go to the person sending the invoice.

No but copy is not going to the person who is sending the invoice. The copy is going to the main Admin account.

That’s why I am confused that what email address the system is picking out for ‘CC’ and from where so that I can change the Email Id over there and put the Id of CreditControl over-where I need the copy of the invoice.

Hi @Nquery

We’ve done a test on our end and the emails were sent to the person that was logged in and sending the invoice.

If you’re logged in with the user that’s experiencing the issue, and you go to Account Settings >> Team Management, is the email address shown there the one that’s receiving the invoices?

Yes, I am logging into my account and if I go to Account Settiongs>>Team Management, the email address shown there, that’s the one receiving the invoices.

That is what the issue is. I don’t want invoices to copy on that Email address.

Try account settings, routine emails, email overview.

You can change the cc email there.

Not sure if it will work for your request, but worth a try.

I tried that one also, in that I put my credit control account but still not working.

Unless someone from quickfile knows another way, the only thing I can think of, is creating a rule for email.

If you have control over your email, the main account, you can set up a rule, catching the email “cc new invoice”, for example and the action.

Forward to credit control @ your email.com

But there may be a simpler method in quickfile.

Just a thought.

Hi @Nquery

If the CC copy is going to the email address specified in “Team Management”, then this would be correct.

The “CC Me” option does literally - it sends a copy to the person who is sending the invoice. If you are the one that’s logged in and ticking the CC box, and then receiving the copy, then that would be correct.

You can specify an email address in the email settings for CC emails, which applies to recurring invoices, not one-off sending invoices. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to CC the invoices to this address directly from a one-off invoice being sent. However, you’re welcome to start a new feature request for this (just post the details in #feature).

Are you able to tell us a bit more about what you’re trying to do (or why)? Perhaps we can suggest an alternative way of doing it within QuickFile.

Actually, I want to set up one particular Email Id for example creditcontrol@****.co.uk to keep record of all sales invoices at one place, whether I am sending the invoice or the admin person sending the invoice or any team member is sending the invoice.

This way I am able to keep record of all sales invoices sent from our company in one particular email address. Hence at the time of sending invoices to clients, we use to keep ‘CC’ so that we can find all invoices under one specific email address.

There is one work around, depending on how many clients you have, is to add another contact to each one of them.

Name it credit control and your email you want the mail to go to.

Then when creating statements, invoices, etc you get the main contact, your 2nd credit control email and the cc box.

You can tick all 3.

I’ve done a test, and it works.

Downside is, your client gets shown the email it was also sent to, just seen it in the test.

So your credit control email would appear at the bottom of theirs. Stating you got a copy.

I have many clients and I don’t want that client can see that I have received the copy of the invoice on creditcontrol Email, so is there any other option?

The reason, I want all invoices in one Email address is that, from that Email address I can extract all PDF invoices in one particular folder of my company’s drive.

If you can set up some feature through which I can select the range of PDF invoices and extract them directly to the particular folder then it will work out for me. But in that feature also, you need to provide specific feature that duplicate invoice can pop up or it will not add to the folder.

Hi @Nquery

I would suggest creating a #feature request for this, and we can certainly monitor the interest in this.

You can however, request PDFs of invoices up to 50 at a time. This would generate them as one file, but may help in the nearterm?

The other way i can think off is to bulk move.

If all the cc invoices are going to the main email admin account, every so often, do a search, with “CC new invoice” or what ever your header is on when you send an invoice.

Your email will list all these, to which you can tick, and bulk move to another folder.

This would only work, if you can see the folder on your email package and you are using IMAP to sync all email folders across all devices.

It will work with POP but only on one device, not multiply.

But this will not work out because every time I can’t say admin person to move all invoices into another folder. Also, not only one person is using the system to send invoices, many persons are sending invoices so its very difficult that every time we have to ask admin person.

So, I need one specific email address option which can be accessed by all and in which we all can do copy(CC) and move all invoices from that email to our particular folder.

But I think, it is better that instead of one file it will generate single file for single invoice.

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