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Why am I a large business?


I am a childminder and I am in the processes of moving over to QuickFile. I’ve only imported invoices for the current year (about 50) and have subscribed to the banking sync.

It would appear that I have somehow created more than 1000 nominal entries, I am deemed a large business and I am required to pay £52.97.

Based on the above, why?


It adds up faster than you think - each fully-paid-up invoice or purchase is at least four nominal entries, and each bank transfer or “something not on the list” tag is another two. If you click the magnifying glass next to the account size on your company settings page you can see exactly where the different entries are coming from.


I run at just under 2000 nominals per year and have no problem with the charging but the labels used for the tiers are misleading.

In terms of how people regard their businesses the XS, S and M tiers should be merged as XS and the others, which are charged, become S, M and L.


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