Why am I being charged for using QuickFile - 801 transactions


When I click on the link in the subscription reminder email I’ve recently received it takes me to a page asking for payment. I’ve checked my rolling nominal transactions and they currently stand at 801 which makes my company medium according to your schedule and therefore free. Would you look into this for me please.


Hi @suejin

The reminder emails are automated, so will you always receive them for the expiry of the Power User Subscription.

The subscription itself is optional for XS, S and M accounts, but does come with additional features (such as multiple trading styles, segmented profit and loss etc.). If you don’t want to renew and your account is in one of these bands, then you don’t need to unless you wish to retain access to these additional features.

Hope that makes sense and helps

Thank you for your reply, I don’t want to renew so is there anything I need to do to ensure that I don’t get charged?

Nothing at all. We don’t store any payment details so we don’t renew any Power User Subscriptions automatically.

If your account is in the XS, S or M categories, then you can continue using QuickFile as normal, but without some of the advanced features offered with the subscription.