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Why has my bank feed disconnected?

I have paid for bank feed. it has beengood upto last week. why has it stopped. it looks like i have to sign up again. My account with starling shows linked but on here there isn’t anything but if i click on more options sign up it says scan link for starling. If I do that it means I will now have to input transactions from previous upload to todays date. This feature I have paid for is important and there should be a way to up load missing data. If there is can you tell me how if there isn’t can i suggest it. I have not relinked at moment just in case it just a matter of pressing abutton ect. can you please let me know thank you

Hello @Route66ukServices

When did this start happening?

We had to make a change to the Starling feed recently which meant you had to reconnect the feed. This was sent out as an email to all feed users.