Why the customer do not receive an e-mail


I have the following issue. Some of my customers do not receive an estimate or invoice by e-mail.
This cause us lot of unpaid invoices and when we chase the customers they actually says that didn’t receive it. I personally send an e-mail to my customer when I was with him and he didn’t received anything.

What’s the problem?

Thank you in advance

Did you send an email directly from your own email account or from within Quickfile?

If it was directly from your own email account then it is not something that is related to Quickfile, but in either case it is most likely an issue with junk filter settings on your customers end.

What method do you use for sending email from Quickfile? Have you set up your own SMTP server?


Thank you for your quick reply.
All estimates and invoice we send from the QuickFile.

The problems are either with the customer’s email provider,. their local spam filter, can’t be bothered to open the email or just telling porkies.

Are your emails being sent from noreply@quickfile.co.uk or have you configured your QF account to use your own email account’s SMTP server? Doing this reduces the possibility of emails being blocked.

In the Outstanding Invoices report a green bar beside the invoice shows you that the client has clicked on the link and viewed the invoice. This doesn’t always help as many of my regular clients pay on receipt of the email without opening the invoice. It does tell you when somebody is lying to you though.

You misunderstood my question, where did you send the test email from?

We configured own QF account

Hi @junkcare

As some of the posts above mentioned, some email servers reject the emails due to a few reasons. Email unfortunately is a bit of a minefield.

What email address are your emails being sent from? Have you set up your own SMTP server for example? If you’re unsure or don’t know, the answer is usually “no”, which is the default on QuickFile.

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