Workplace Pensions/Auto-enrollment

I’m wondering where to find a list of reputable scheme for small companies (2 people) that will fulfil our Workplace Pension needs. All recommendations welcome.

If both people on payroll are directors under non contractual employment its worth checking with pension regulator is they can let you off the hook

One is a director, the other an employee - and eventually we would like to have a 3rd employee…

My issue with WorkPlace Pensions is the limited choice of companies selling them… we cannot seriously be expected to rely on 6 or 7 potential providers for the Nations Pension Pots.

Further - if we just chose the one with the least fees (drag) - what about the performance of the Fund to which we are contributing - there seems to be no comparison on how well our Pensions might perform in the future.

Right now, Workplace Pensions seem something to do everything we can to avoid, Pensions offer low enough returns as it is.

You comments are highly appreciated and it could well be that I am looking in entirely the wrong place.

Hi @ncompass

You may find it more useful to post somewhere like UK Business Forums; you may get more replies there